"Personally I grew up in a small town and a large familhy of 6, 4 boys and 2 girls. I had my own dirt bike, camped nearly every weekend in the summer, water ski'd, jet ski'd, drove boats, 4-wheel drived my step Dad's truck, snow ski'd , was on the swim team, got certified as a lifeguard, was a cheerleader for 3 years and played soccer for 5.  Underneath the blond locks I'm down to earth, crafty, athletic and love helping other people get what they want out of life. My weakness is chocolate and great tv shows!"

Deanna Meske (pronounced Mesky) made her debut in several low-budget movies like At the House of Madness (2008), Girls Gone Gangsta (2009) and Shriek of the Sasquatch (2011), which lead to a role in the long running 1000 Ways to Die TV Program , a strong supporting role in the newly released feature film #1 Cheerleader Camp and to playing opposite of Christopher Plummer, Shirley Maclaine and Scott Bakula in Elsa & Fred.

In addition to that you will find Deanna on the hit show Mystery Diners on The Food Network (2012) as a lead undercover agent, on the new promo for Southern Fried Homicide as Miss Daisy and in a slew of state wide commercials.

Deanna has been doing a lot of hosting in 2011 for Liberty News, iVisionTV, Mobile Internet Report HRC Tv and others along with several new feature and short films in the making. She has leading roles in array of low to moderate budgeted Indie Films and local running TV programs and is making her way into the fast lane by producing her own web series titled New Orleans Pie which launches in April 2013.

Deanna is a budding filmmaker too, with 2 web series launched, one more in the oven and a few other short films up online and on IMDb. She is the President of Outlook Productions, you can view some of her work here: and

 You can see her hosting playlist at

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