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Deanna Meske pronounced Mesky is and actress and producer, born to a family of 6, grew up with 4 brothers and one other sister in a small town called Vallejo CA. Known for Elsa & Fred (2014), iKllr (2014), Dragula (2014), #1 Cheerleader Camp (2010), Entourage (2010) . She graduated from Sacramento State University then moved on the Fresno, CA, then to San Diego CA, then to Florida and landed in New Orleans before getting a 2nd home in Los Angeles. 

She owned her own dirt bike until she discovered that boys liked clean girls so she slowly let go of the Tom Boy side and grasped onto her feminine side. She began acting late in life, after running 2 restaurants and working many other types of jobs. After her 1st audition which she booked, she knew that this was for her and so she set out to learn the business. She lives in New Orleans, LA . 

 She began in New Orleans and has dreams to book a lot of work in the South in addition to the rest of the Country. One of her biggest dreams is to land a great role in the UK or Ireland as that is where her ancestors are from and she fell in love with those Countries on one of her many trips across the pond.

Deanna is a budding filmmaker too, with 2 web series launched, one more in the oven and a few other short films up online and on IMDb. She is the President of Outlook Productions, you can view some of her work here: and

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